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January 26, 2005

Larry Summers at Harvard

Recently Harvard President Larry Summers was taken to task over a talk he gave in which he apparently said that innate or biological differences between men and women were  responsible for women not suceeding at math or science. (I can't find a direct quote of the offending statement). Coming in the wake of a round of promotions in which only 4 out of 32 tenure promotions at the university were women, it was not received well.

The controversy has led to some interesting posts on Steven Johnson's blog. Johnson wrote a book last year Mind Wide Open: Your Brain and the Neuroscience of Everyday Life. He notes that while it's not possible to tell the difference between, say, a Caucasian brain and an Asian brain, it is possible to tell the difference between a man and a woman's brain. A follow up post also elicited some interesting responses, and the comment by anti-lemming is especially pertinent.

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