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March 21, 2005

A woman talks about ETech

Kathy Sierra talks about her first experience at ETech. She acknowledges the scarcity of women and is at a loss to explain it, but she is not convinced by some of the explanations she's read:

I think one of the most damaging things is when people spread this meme that "women don't go to these conferences because they aren't made to feel welcome." The more we say this, the less likely it is that women will go. (Self-fulfilling prophecy and all that.) We need a serious reframing. And often the same people who make this claim (and for very good intentions, and based on their own passionately-held beliefs), would bristle at the notion that women can't get out there and kick ass. If women need to "feel welcome" before they'll attend a conference, then what does that say?

Worth reading, both for the ETech news and the participant's perspective.

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