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December 14, 2006

What A Year!

Mypicture I spent the year as a CEO of a start-up in Cambridge, MA -- Top Ten Sources and what a year it was. Early in April we bought another company, Stylefeeder.com, and brought on it's excellent developer and creator, Phil Jacobs to add to our great technical bench. Stylefeeder is a great way to do your Christmas shopping, so go check it out.

It was exhausting to be in a ventured-backed, go-go-go start-up environment. I was learning so much so fast. My head was spinning. Maybe I'll go into many of the details ... but not today!

Ironically, I found all the good common sense I was born with as a woman and all the wisdom I've earned as a mom, all of it, came to my aid in deciding business strategies. In fact, I wondered how male CEO's even manage a company without the good gut (pelvic?) instincts all us women have. Poor guys!

I thought a lot about my Misbehaving Sisters here -- Meg Hourihan, Caterina Fake, Liz Lawley, Mary Hodder, all of you -- who have started companies and managed them through explosive sudden growth. I'll bet you all drew on your good female common sense again and again. When I'd get a little daunted and even down, I remembered you stars had pulled it off with grace and wisdom and it encouraged me to keep on going. I thank you all very much.

With the new year, I'm off to do some new ventures. As a fun thing in the meantime, I'm helping Terry Real write a book blog about his soon-to-be-published, The New Rules of Marriage. I hope you can all appreciate the irony of me -- a divorced, single mom -- writing on that subject. But Terry is fabulous. A shrink who thinks men are so behind the times in their emotional development that they are an evolutionary step behind us girls (my version of his thesis) and men undermine most marriages by not worshipping women nearly enough. Again, this is MY version of his brilliant book. You must read it!

And one last book plug or two. I loved Arianna's book, On Becoming Fearless, if you haven't read it ... don't hesitate. And I know you were as thrilled as me to get your hands on Maureen Dowd's paperback version of Are Men Necessary? Great girl books.

[Yes, this is a photo of me in my country & western witchy Halloween look, complete with spider on my shoulder. Yes, I went to work dressed like this.]

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Regarding men's emotional development: maybe you're spending time with the wrong kind of men.

Posted by: Erik Pukinskis at Jan 5, 2007 1:25:25 AM